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Wolf 359 3.02 – 31 – Securite

Once again, Minkowski really needs to actually listen to Hera first time instead of dismissing her. Hera always knows what’s up. This time that being that Doug is alive and back on the Hephaestus, even though she can’t actually...

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Wolf 359 3.02 – Mayday

It seems my image from “Pan-Pan” would be more appropriate for this episode instead. Last time we heard what was happening on the Hephaestus three months after Doug was lost. And it turns out things were going really badly. When...

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Wolf 359 3.01 – Pan-Pan

When we left our intrepid deep space explorers back in November, things were not going well. Captain Lovelace was bleeding out on Hilbert’s lab table and because of that, Doug had been accidentally shot off into space on a...

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Wolf 359 – Seasons 1 and 2 Recap

“This is the audiolog of communications officer Doug Eiffel.” Wolf 359 is a podcast that starts off as the audio logs of communications officer Douglas Eiffel trying to relieve the monotony of a deep space mission aboard the USS...

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