Is Disney Ready to Give Star Wars the Marvel Treatment in Gaming?

This Fall has been hit with some devastating set backs regarding EA’s handling of the Star Wars Franchise. Most critical is the closure of Visceral headed by Amy Hennig, famed Uncharted director, on October 17th. This project was the premier Star Wars experience everyone was eagerly waiting for. I mean, who wouldn’t want Uncharted in the Star Wars universe? The second bomb EA dropped was this back and forth game they played with the aggressive micro-transaction system for Battlefront 2 which brought negative press almost every week leading up to its release ultimately resulting in temporarily removing it all together but leaving the steep natural progression. Aside from the money Disney earns through its gaming sector, Star Wars is first and foremost a movie franchise with the games being used to support positive brand recognition. I’m sure you can see how months of bad press can really leave a bad taste in Disney’s mouth when a numbered Star Wars movie is right around the corner.

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