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Disney Investor Day: Information Overload

The Disney machine keeps chugging. #DisneyInvestorDay

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What’s Up With The MCU? – An Update On Marvel’s Upcoming Projects

With everything shut down, what’s happening with all of Marvel’s upcoming projects?

Well let’s take a look at all of the most recent updates for every upcoming MCU project.

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What We Learned At D23 About The MCU

We learned a lot about the future of the MCU at D23.

Come see all of the information in one place!

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Weekly Comics Pull; 9-12

For fans of alt-history intrigue in the vein of Thomas Pynchon, Warren Ellis’ Cemetery Beach has your number. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if a secret military-industrial cabal figured out space exploration in the 1920s and secretly colonized a planet, this book aims to answer all of your burning questions. Equal parts post-steampunk and 1984, Cemetery Beach, illustrated by Jason Howard, paints a bleak, mysterious world, ruled by a mysterious fat bald man with literary pretensions. By way of a prisoner interrogation we get a tantalizing slice of exposition as far as the powers at play and the gap in technology, and after a prison break, we find our hero knows very little more about the target of his intelligence-gathering mission.

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