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Family Guy Season 19 Episode 12 And Then There’s Fraud

We open to Lois and the kids are at the dinner table. Peter joins them and Lois tells Peter not to plan anything for Sunday because they are taking Stewie to the Children’s Museum. Peter informs her that he is going to an unimportant baseball game.

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Family Guy Season 18 Episode 19 “Holy Bibble”

We open to Peter and the family watching TV in a hotel room. It is CBS the loudest network on TV. They get news of the hurricane that is brewing off the coast and it is apparently called Michael Caine which is more impressive than the Dean Caine on. They left Brian to drown because Peter tied him to a post in the back yard. With the power going out in the hotel they are looking for stuff to do and found a Bible.

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Close Enough: Regular Show’s Predecessor

JG Quintel in charge of new animated series Close Enough

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