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One may ask themselves, who runs this wonderful website? Elves, Wizards, Transformers, or Tiny Little Adipose? Nope, only the most amazing Earthlings who love their fandoms as much as you do. Check out our contributors work and get to know them! Are you interested in joining our staff?


My dad raised my brothers and I on Star Trek, Indiana Jones, and Sunday cartoons. Then my grandparents handed me Harry Potter and all hope for a normal life was lost. I am a professional fan girl and devote book lover. I’m a firm believer that all bad days can be cured by a Dance Party.  FACT: The two best villains in the world are the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Loki. I would also like to thank Celiac Disease for being a complete pain in the ass and letting creating me TGON when I was at my lowest in a hospital bed.  When I’m not being “Momma Dragon” at The Game of Nerds, I’m Netflixing (yes it’s a word, I made it up) with my husband and our two hell hounds!


I’m huge Funko collector and when I mean huge, I mean my entire house is filled with pops except for the master bedroom. (Wife’s rule, not mine). I collect a mixture of Marvel, DC, Pop Culture, Animation, Star Wars and some Disney. I hate scary movies and horror shows that my wife loves. I grew up with X-men comics so it’s safe to say Marvel is my favorite fandom, but those CW DC shows have me hooked as well.  When I’m not playing PS4, I’m collecting more Pokemon on Pokemon Go.


I’m just a nerdy, 20 something college student living on the outskirts of Chicago. I grew up in the time of the big boom of video games and anime in North America, thus I became a fanboy. I spent most of my free time playing Pokemon Yellow on my Gameboy on the buss ride to school. I played YuGiOh during recess and spent my afternoons watching Smallville. I knew I was a nerd! Anime will always have a special space for me but my current fandoms are Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Stevens Universe, Orphan Black, The Flash and all the Marvel Films within the MCU.


I am a avid gamer, comic book reader, and bed sleeper. I have various obsessions that include but are not limited to: Game of Thrones, Gotham, Arrow, Walking Dead, Daredevil, the entirety of the MCU, Deadpool anything, and Harleyquinn everything. I’m also in aggressive denial about anything bad that happens to any of my favorite characters and will continue to be such until further notice.


I  might be a little shy and quiet on the outside. But once you mention the words ‘tv’, ‘movies’ or ‘books’ in front of me you can expect a whole waterfall of words and thoughts coming out. My nephew even gave me the title of ‘DC Guru’, although I believe Professional Potterhead would suit me better. Besides, I will always struggle to choose between Marvel and DC.  I’m still hoping that my nerd obsessions will turn into a real full-time job but until then I’m settling for IT. Although I firmly believe being a part of TGON is the next best thing. I follow a lot of tv shows, but for TGON I’m covering Gotham. Next, to that, I’m responsible for TGON Bakes, your weekly geek recipes, and I will give you updates on upcoming movies. When I have time to spear, I’d like to pretend I’m attending Hogwarts as a Slytherin where you would most likely find me in the library.


I am a wise cracking avid gamer, drawn more to the role playing games with the vast stories and characters. I collect mystery subscription boxes and whatever random thing pops into my mind at that give time. I’m a big DC fan, none bigger than Green Latern as evidenced by my leg tattoo. My biggest fandom is zombies, namely all things Walking Dead. I love everything about zombies and can talk about it for hours. I support my hobbies as an office manager in training at a sign company. So don’t be afraid to reach out and talk about all sorts of topics.


I’m a 25 year old Biology major who sacrifices full nights sleep for TV viewing. As a kid, I’d go on fan-sites to find cast pics, save them to the family computer & make terrible edits in Microsoft Paint (no offence to MS Paint, I’m sure it’s great now!) I’ve since discovered Tumblr, Twitter & photoshop & become a gif making, recapping monster. If I’m supposed to be studying, I’m bingeing a show or tweeting nonstop about The Mindy Project, or both. I can’t wait to use this obsessive part of my personality for actual work & not just procrastination while memorizing the TCA cycle!


I have always been an avid fans of all things media – books, movies, TV – but I didn’t understand the concept of fandom until I started watching The Mindy Project and started participating in live-tweets. I met some of my closest friends chatting about the little show that could, and I have so much enthusiasm for it that I applied for this position as a TGON contributor, so that I could channel some of that knowledge and energy. Apart from The Mindy Project, my current TV obsessions include: You’re the Worst, Mr. Robot, Difficult People, UnrealTV and Catastrophe. I love romantic comedies and Ken Burns documentaries. I’m a history geek with a deep love of both Thomas Jefferson and Bill Clinton. I’m also an avid crafter, who will probably force a handmade gift on you should you ever meet me. I’ve never seen Star Wars, much to my husband’s chagrin.


My love for fiction is deep-rooted and the byproduct of my mother’s pure love for Harry Potter, which she then passed on to me. I cannot remember a time when my mind wasn’t consumed by the idea of magic and mystified by the power of words on a page. I have been a part of fandoms long before I knew there was such thing. When I like something I don’t just like it, I OBSESS over it. TV/Movies/Books are just a part of who I am. They created me.
I’m currently in college working towards my double major in Creative Writing and Journalistic Communications and my dream of becoming a screenwriter for television.


30-something, wife, mom, crazy cat lady and huge Lakers fan. I was born and raised in L.A. and went to college in Atlanta. I’m a lover of the written word and enjoy seeing it transformed to the screen (small and large). My first forays into nerdom and beyond was when I read C.S. Lewis’s ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.’ I couldn’t get enough of it and read it voraciously. That turned into reading more sci-fi (The Hobbit and LOTR trilogy). Books were the portal to another world and I was happy to dive in. Fandom life for me now includes Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Empire and The Mindy Project. I can be found hanging out on Twitter most days…drop me a line!


I am a former elementary school teacher and am currently working on a degree in Film Studies. I have an appreciation for all genres but musicals and comedies have my heart. Some of my favorite shows are Friends, 30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Rec, The Mindy Project, Sherlock, and SNL. When I’m not in class or watching TV you can find me fangirling over Ed Sheeran. I am so excited to join TGON as a SNL contributor. I have watched every episode of SNL since 2004. In the dark ages before I had a DVR, I recorded episodes on my VCR so I could re-watch them and memorize my favorite sketches. I love talking to people from different fandoms and look forward to finally having an outlet to share my passion for TV and film.


My part time job is middle school teacher and my full time job is fangirling over TV shows. The first show I ever obsessively fangirled over was Smallville and it all just spiraled from there. After years of feeling weird about it, I realized that my inner fangirl is the best part of me and you better accept it or you’re on my dunzo list. The shows I’m currently watching are Game of Thrones, Doctor Who (forever rewatching–never get sick of 10 & 11), Jane the Virgin, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, Stranger Things, iZombie, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Modern Family, Once Upon a Time, etc. I’m the social media manager for TGON and I cover B99, Jane the Virgin, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and iZombie. Follow me on Twitter and Tumblr! I try to be a social human being when I’m not working but who am I kidding, my most stable relationship is with my Apple TV.


I have considered myself a television addict since I was first able to lift my own head. I am relatively convinced I invented the “binge watch,” keeping boxes and boxes of meticulously labeled and cataloged VHS tapes to serve as evidence. Since I was a toddler, my free time has been consumed with countless hours of getting lost in my favorite shows. In middle school, while other preteens were winning “best smile” and “most likely to succeed,” my superlative was “most likely to become a professional fan.” And I’m nothing if not doing my damnedest to live up to that. The hard truth is I love TV. I absorb compelling stories, am enamored with complex characters and live in their world more than I live in my own. I indiscriminately watch anything and everything, regardless of genre. But even for an insomniac, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Having made this proclamation, I am always up for a new show recommendation or a lively discussion! Among my most life-ruining obsessions (and here I do not mince words) are Bewitched, Friends, and Bones. If you’re looking for an on-the-spot quote, or want to quickly reference a specific season and/or episode, I’m your girl. Beware my social media posts –very Bones-centric. I grew up in Atlanta, but these days I call Los Angeles home – probably the most exciting locale for any TV nerd. And as a parting note, I am ALWAYS looking for someone with whom to discuss the ending of LOST or the His Dark Materials book series!


Film star. Chemical engineer. Dancer. Comedian. I am none of these things. What I am, however, is a huge geek hailing from the frigid wastes of western Canada. I couldn’t even tell you when it started – I’m told the first words out of my mouth were “I swing my +2 DEX war axe and attack the dragon.” My name is Jesse (also known as “The Clairvoyant”) and I am a big nerd when it comes to video games, board games, movies, anime, TV, RPGs – and I am possibly the one of the world leading experts on comic books, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Joss Whedon.


I will never attend Hogwarts. I will never board a Firefly-class transport ship. I will never protect Sunnydale and I will never sit on the Iron Throne. Writing for The Game of Nerds will just have to do. I am a Canadian full-time geek and a fuller-time dad with a passion for podcasting and writing, and the world-renowned ability of repeating people’s spelling errors back at them instead of answering their actual question. When I decided that being conjoined wasn’t for me and split off from fellow writer Jesse’s little fertilized egg, I made a pact with myself to become as geeky as possible and not let his overwhelmingly majestic beard intimidate me otherwise. 24 years later, I joined The Game of Nerds and haven’t looked back at the haters since. Fun fact: my podcasting name Mr. Universe is actually lifted from the film Serenity, and contrary to proper belief is not a reference to my muscular toned body. Mind-boggling, I know.


I may not look like a nerd from the outside, but inside, I pretty much reek of it. Starting from childhood, if I wasn’t constantly watching Disney movies, I was playing Street Fighter at the airport arcade whenever my dad had to travel for work. By my teenage years, my love for video games evolved and my love for TV shows and movies started to strengthen. My first movie that I lost my mind over was the 1999 version of ‘The Mummy.’ I watched it everyday for who knows how long. My first unhealthy love for a TV show started with ‘The Office.’ I even went to The Office Convention in Scranton, PA. And as time has past further, my TV viewership has grown exponentially and my love for movies has exploded! I know way too much about pop culture, but pride myself with that knowledge. When I’m not geeking out over those things, I geek out over my other loves, such as fashion and photography. I’m not ashamed to say I’m a nerd because being a nerd is the new cool.


As a young and innocent child, I used to laugh at the individuals in the world who referred to themselves as “nerds.” (Now I just laugh at myself for ever thinking such absurd thoughts!) Then when I was 11 years old, my brother finally convinced me to read the Harry Potter books, and from that point on, my life changed and fandoms took over my life. Some of my obsessions include Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, Firefly, Back to the Future, Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, Downton Abbey, Fringe, Jurassic Park, and Arrested Development. Honestly, I could keep going, listing a ton of other shows and series, but we don’t have infinite time here…at least, not until I’ve hijacked the TARDIS. *evil cackle* When I’m not getting lost in books and/or Netflix, I can be found studying and completing school assignments as an awkward homeschooled person, and dying my hair with the most psychedelic colours possible. I’m also obsessed with photography and music/media production, and hope to break the stereotype of “starving artist” and pursue these areas as a career.


Hi, I’m Rosie! The current most widely accepted theory is that my love of all things brilliant and bizarre stems from a youth spend playing Day of the Tentacle and The Curse of Monkey Island with my parents. With some of my earliest memories involving using time travel to stop the plan of an evil mutant tentacle, I was never going to be normal! At the moment my fandoms include but are not limited to: Doctor Who (particularly the Classic era), Once Upon A Time, MCU and a variety of weird and wonderful story telling podcasts including, Welcome to Night Vale, Wolf 359, EOS 10 and SAYER. But there are many, many more in my list that I will talk *coughrantcough* about at length. I also love to cosplay! And when I’m not running about in costume, I draw a lot of fan art and write a lot of fan fiction. Both of which are filling the gap while I try to work out what I’m doing with my own characters and plotlines (I have plans of the mildly evil variety). I’m always open to new suggestions of things to watch and listen to, they will be added to my ever growing list of things that will distract me from other things on the same list!


For the past twenty years, I’ve found myself as a person who likes pop culture a little bit (or a lot) more than everyone else around me. I’ve become attached to the stories I read and the characters I watch, and this has moved on into what I really admire. The best times of my day are when I get to sit down and explore a whole new world that someone has created, witness something that I could never imagine, and relate to a made-up person who is just like me. Fandom and the culture surrounding that term is something that has come to mean all of that. And when I explore things like Star Wars, Harry Potter, the MCU, comics, movies, television, all of it. It’s when I really get to be myself. I’m currently addicted to anything Marvel puts out, Alway Sunny, The Office, Star Wars, iZombie, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Pixar’s films, but really, it changes everyday.


I’m just a broad stumbling through her thirties, trying to adult properly while navigating my borderline-unhealthy obsession with fictional characters. I blame my parents, who for some reason allowed me to have a TV in my room as a kid. While it was probably a poor parenting decision, it led to my love of all things media. I found my inner nerd back in the 90s when I started watching Twin Peaks. I was way too young to be watching it (more A+ parenting) but I was immediately hooked. I loved how dark and weird it was, because I, too, am dark and weird. I took to the Internet to find other TP nerds since none of my friends watched the show (you know, because we were TWELVE) and that, as they say, was that. The fandom life was most definitely for me. I’m absolutely tickled to be joining The Game of Nerds team and writing about what I love. My current all-consuming obsessions are Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, but I’m also into all things Marvel, Harry Potter (I’m a Ravenclaw, in case you were wondering), Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, The Walking Dead… the list goes on and on. There are so many great shows out there these days, but I’ve also got a soft spot for reality TV. I love me some Real Housewives and the MTV Challenges, because sometimes I need a break from crying about fictional characters and I just want to watch real people get drunk and fight each other. Is that so wrong?


Hi. My name is Meg!  I’m a married mom of two and since there are only SO many hours one man can be expected to listen to his wife go on about fictional characters in books and TV shows… I’ve decided to come share them with you! My life basically consists at the moment of books, TV, and my kids (not necessarily in that order, of course).   My daughters (Moose and Goose, respectively) are Seven(Goose) and Three(Moose). They are the best and most frustrating parts of my life, and the reasons my main source of entertainment can be found between covers of books and in the warm glow of the television.  I am a con-going, fic reading, ‘ship sailing geek who is really excited to talk about any and all things nerdy.  My two major fandoms are Outlander (Been reading the books for years) and Supernatural (New-ish fan, but DEEP in the fandom dumpster now). But there are about 20-30 shows i try to keep current on… I watch a lot of TV.  I am trash. 😉  I am, among other things, a Proud member of the SPNFamily, a Whovian, Mindian, Outlander, Browncoat, Whedonite, Grimmster, Sleepyhead, Jane Austen and chick-lit loving nerd who frankly, REALLY likes to watch hot men be hot.


Mid-20’s Accounting Graduate living in the Midwest trying desperately to escape into fictional worlds. I demanded to be taught how to read at age 4 solely to be able to play Pokemon and Final Fantasy.  I can’t remember life without fandoms and shipping even before I knew what the internet was and that other people share my obsessive behaviors.  Tumblr addict, Twitter casual, Facebook avoid-er.  Deep-seeded, long-term fandoms include Charmed, Gilmore Girls, Supernatural, the 4400, Harry Potter, Adventure Time, and The Magicians by Lev Grossman! Which is now an original Syfy series that doesn’t follow the amazing books, but is still good and you should watch with me!


I’m just a girl sitting in front of a laptop, asking strangers on the internet to obsess with her. Leo, Hufflepuff, tshirt wearer and glorified weirdo. One step in my room and you’d realize that I own more dvds than could ever have time to watch, and more plush pandas than should exist (and that I’m the messiest person in the world, but don’t worry about that). 80s movies are comfort food for my soul. I’m always up for a livetweet of a beloved modern classic. I work in a library. If you catch me off-guard, you’ll see me shelving books and lip-syncing to various musicals. One thing I love about my job is that I get to gush with my patrons over shows and movies and help them discover their next obsession. I value good writing above almost all else (‘almost’ because let’s be real: sometimes I’m only there for the romance). I get frustrated when I feel a show doesn’t make any sense, or the dialogue doesn’t feel genuine. When writers and/or directors incorporate humor easily into serious situations, I swoon. I’m a Whedonite first and foremost. My favorite shows (aside from the implied everything Joss) are The Office, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, Prison Break, TMP, Jane the Virgin, Dawson’s Creek, and Last Comic Standing (when they bother renewing it). I don’t think anything makes me laugh as much as Constantine’s impression of Kermit in Muppets Most Wanted. I’ve always been drawn to the nerds of the world, and I swell with pride when I accidentally go on a long tangent about Star Wars or the MCU and someone calls me one.


I’m Rose and I’m a 23 year old struggling adult and student from Poland. I consider myself a tv junkie by night….and by day. I vividly remember the first time I experienced the phenomenon of binging. The show that I adored as a kid, which also happened to have my first serious crush on it, was Even Stevens. Don’t judge, okay?! But even though I still think of it dearly, it was actually The O.C. that proved to me how brilliant and compelling a tv production can be (Anna Stern was and always will be a legend). Obviously, it wasn’t until later in life that I discovered masterpieces like Twin Peaks, The X Files or the underrated by many, Freaks & Geeks. I strive to be like one of those Aaron Sorkin’s characters that walk, talk and act with a hint of nonchalance and superiority to them. My favourite movies are American Beauty and Closer but the movie I’ve seen the most times is Mean Girls. I can recite the whole script off by heart. Impressed, yet?


I am a 20 year old film nut with a passion for comics. If I’m not watching a movie or reading a comic, you are most likely to find me scouring the subreddits or blogs of my favorite fandoms such as The Game of Thrones, iZombie, Bravest Warriors, or anything Marvel related. I am extremely open with my nerdisms and am regarded as an enabler sucking my naive friends into the fantasies I surround myself with. I live for the excitement of story crafting and world building, I get lost in the expansive universes built in our favorite shows, movies, and books. There has never been a better time to be a nerd.


I’m a proud child of the 80s (the best decade to be a child in) so that has direct influence over all the things I love which include but no limited to:  movies, comic books, TV, toys and games (both video and table).  Movies however are my main obsession which emits a wonderful sci-fi/fantasy odor with a hint of Spielberg.  In the battle of good vs evil (or DC vs Marvel if you prefer) l lean DC in  print, TV and film but am part of a rare species of human that actually enjoys both.  I have an entire wall dedicated to Wolverine comic books so that should tell you a little something! I’m a big reader and collector of movie posters/art…and ask me about my Simpsons toy collection…no seriously, ask me!  Star Wars is everything and I won’t stand for anything negative said about Ahsoka Tano or we’ll have words! Also, I have an open challenge to anyone to a game of Balderdash…


Just an almost 23 year old nerd memer who has a dream for entertaining the masses in any capacity, and the fact I can’t get off the internet. I am a HUGE fan of Supernatural and attend the conventions when I can! I was raised with a love for Sci-Fi/Fantasy when all my family would watch is shows in those genres. It has impacted me in a way that I have a lot of love to give for the shows (It’s Always Sunny, The Walking Dead, Mr Robot) games (Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Pokemon), and anime (One Piece, Hunter X Hunter, and Yu Yu Hakusho) that I consume! I realized the amount of things I enjoy would be absolutely hard to list them all so I will just leave you with my top 9. I am always looking for new things to watch, read and play, so every is always welcome to recommend their favorites. Another reason I love the fandom culture so much, is that the idea of helping others with the power of fandoms, is such an important one. To give back in the name of our passions is one of the best feelings and something I definitely love to do in my free time when I can. My biggest accomplishments in the recent years is Kazooing for 25 hours straight in the name of charity. I think the kazoo gods above blessed me with eternal energy because I did not consume any caffeine the past two years doing this. With that said, another huge part of my personality is the fact I love taking on public embarrassment challenges. You are all free to hit me up anytime and give it your best shot of cracking me. It won’t work, I promise you that, but there’s no other feeling than to have civilians fear the weird and call security. I am FOREVER grateful for this amazing opportunity to help out this squad, so thank you guys from the depths of my Soul Eater. It’s gonna be a GOUDA TIME!

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