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AHS 1984 “Final Girl” Recap

With this season being one of the shortest yet, only nine episodes in total, I expected a big reveal. However, what I got was a bedside table full of tissues and chocolate wrappers. It is here where I’ll recount the grand finale of AHS 1984!

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AHS 1984 “Rest in Pieces” Recap

The American Horror Story 1984 season finale is upon us! Think of all the things that have happened over the last eight episodes. We found out Mr. Jingles isn’t such a bad guy, Donna’s father was a serial killer, Margaret is deranged, and so much more. However, I still find myself with more questions than answers. Why can the ghosts of Camp Redwood die? Why is Satan bestowing his gifts upon the Nightstalker when there were way scarier serial killers in the ’80s? Perhaps all of this will be answered during the finale, but we should recap what we already know.

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AHS 1984 “Lady in White” Recap

American Horror Story 1984 only has a few episodes left, and it’s interesting to see where the tale will take us. Before we grab our popcorn and begin this week’s episode, let’s have a rundown on what happened last week! From here on out, there will be a ton of spoilers.

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AHS 1984 “Episode 100” Recap

With Halloween just hours away in real life, it only fits that climax of AHS 1984 would occur on Halloween as well. With several different side quests happening at once, I think it’s important to recap what we already know before we dive into the next episode. Without further ado, let’s get into some spoilers!

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AHS 1984 “Red Dawn” Recap

I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been waiting to see when the sun would shine upon Camp Redwood for over a month. Now that it has, what will become of the series we’ve grown to love? Where will this new arch lead us to? Before we can ponder the future of American Horror Story 1984, let’s recap what we’ve already learned.

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AHS 1984 “True Killers” Recap

Fx’s released episode four of American Horror Story 1984, “True Killers,” last week, and let me tell you; it completely changed my view about our beloved Camp Redwood.

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AHS 1984 “Slashdance” Recap

Before we indulge on this week’s episode of AHS 1984, here’s our recap!

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“Mr. Jingles” The Bloodiest Episode of AHS 1984 Yet!

AHS 1984 has it all, drugs, sex, and a great soundtrack. The first two episodes depict one night of these camp counselors’ lives, and it’s weird to think about how much as already happened. This week’s recap is on episode two entitled “Mr. Jingles.”

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“American Horror Story 1984” Has Officially Returned!

AHS 1984 left viewers excited for the rest of the series. It’s jam packed with returning characters and a few new ones to boot!

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