Weekly Comics Pull; 11-7

Florida is a place that captures the imagination, from the expanse of the Everglades to the glitz of Miami, to the sordid headlines the region seems to specialize in. Jordie Bellaire’s Redlands has been working some deep magic and weaving these threads together. The heroes are a coven of witches, backed up by a cryptozoological boyfriend, a bound ghost and a familiar. Bellaire’s story is aggressively feminist, and the subject matter, along with its stunningly kinetic depiction by artist Vanesa Del Rey, is decidedly for mature audiences. In forewords and afterwords, Bellaire continually reaffirms that the book was written for whoever it resounds with, be they male or female, rebel or more straight-laced.


Wolverine: Old Enough To Be Your Dad

Old Man Logan launched as an 8-issue storyline in 2009 taking place in a hellish alternate Earth. After the Death of Wolverine, Old Man Logan became a full-on X-man, having relocated to one of the less hellish Marvel timelines. Just shy of a total reboot, Wolverine’s clone, X-23, took up the reigns for the monthly Wolverine title, with the addition of her tween clone, Gabby, aka Honey Badger. Daken, Logan’s son, also shows up from time to time. As does Old Man Logan, which ends up creating a bizarre family unit. There’s even a pet; Jonathan, the talking Wolverine.