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The Free Forge Stay Alive Campaign Review

I desperately want to know more about everyone’s backstories, and I am thoroughly rooting for them. There are many avenues this story could take, and I am happy to be along for the ride, even if it keeps me on the edge of my seat.

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‘Free Guy’ Is One of Ryan Reynolds’ Best Films Ever!

After a year of continual delays due to COVID-19, 20th Century Films movie, Free Guy, has finally released in theaters. Starring Ryan Reynolds as the titular Guy, Free Guy is about an NPC in a video game trying to change his world for the better and ends up shaking things up in the process.

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Critical Role is Back to Streaming!

Grab your dice bags and moss flavored cupcakes because Critical Role is back on Twitch.

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World Of Warcraft – Add-Ons Edition

Because we play WoW, we have learned about add-ons and all the help they can be. At one time I was a point and click healer but after finding out how the Healium add-on works, I am a much more effective healer now.

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Come Write For Us At The Game Of Nerds!

Over here at thegameofnerds.com we are a bunch of nerds who are passionate about our fandoms. We stay in the loop about what is up and coming in the movies, TV shows, comics of all sorts, books, games and all kinds of other stuff. We have Funko Pop toys and know where to get all of the coolest gear that goes with our fandoms.

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Arizona State University Holds Qualifiers for CSL’s Super Smash Bros Tournament

Arizonan college students brought the heat in this Smash Bros competition!

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