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Mr. Iglesias Season 3 Episode 5 Big Dance

We open to Paula asking about plans during Winter Break. Gabe is going to Catalina with Jackie. There is a dance coming up for the school.

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Mr. Iglesias Season 3 Episode 4 You’re Dad To Me

We open to Gabe being approached in the hall by Marisol’s father. Mr. Fuentes is looking for her because he knows this is her school but not where she lives. Marisol sees Mr. Fuentes before he sees her and turns around and walks away. Gabe plays sympathetic but dumb. Go, Gabe!

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Mr. Iglesias Season 3 Episode 3 Playing Favorites

We open to Gabe is telling his class his is proud of his class for passing the midterm. Mikey talks about dancing slow and Gabe just shakes his head. Gabe is looking forward to seeing the class’s parents at the parent teacher conferences. He gets to brag.

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Mr. Iglesias Season 3 Episode 1 Technically Speaking

We open to Mr. Hayward, Gabe, Tony, and Abby in the teachers’ lounge for the start of the new school year. Carlos is on a fitness kick and Principal Madison brings Gabe tablets for his students. Everybody wants to hear about Gabe and Jackie.

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Mr. Iglesias Season 2 Episode 2 “Taming The Carlos”

We open to Gabe in class and he is asking why no one is signing up for Mr. Hernandez’s drama class. Gabe encourages them to sign up. The kids try to get something out of Gabe for doing so. When Gabe points out it looks great on a college application, Marisol is in and because Marisol is in, so is Mikey. Man he is so in love with Marisol.

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Mr. Iglesias Season 2 Episode 1 “True Calling”

We open to a the second semester after winter break and Gabe is in class welcoming them back to class. Principal Madison welcomes them back and congratulates them again on the decathlon win. Walt pays Principal Madison an inappropriate compliment.

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Mr. Iglesias Season 1 Episode 8 “Teacher’s Strike”

We open to Gabe counting down to the decathalon. The kids are nervous about preforming at it. Lorenzo keeps freaking out about everything. Gabe keeps showing them that they are smart and can do this

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Mr. Iglesias Season 1 Episode 7 “Talent Show”

We open to Gabe in class and the students don’t want to do the assignment. Gabe is encouraging his students to step out of their comfort zone. He is asking them to take part in the talent show at school and even offers to show his talent too.

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Mr. Iglesias Part 1 Episode 3 “Full Hearts, Clear Backpacks”

We open to the kids being back in school. Gabe tries to talk the kids into studying for the decathlon. Mr. Hernandez comes in with an announcement, all bags must be clear.

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Mr. Iglesias Season 1 Episode 2 “Summer School”

We open to the last day of summer school. Gabriel is excited because all they have completed summer school. All that is left to do is the oral report. Lorenzo and Walt are exceptionally thick skulled. Grace is planning on doing her oral report through the computer.

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