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The Heroes Of Smite ~ Achilles, Hero Of The Trojan War

Achilles is a famous hero that was a mortal. He was a great hero but still mortal, even after the efforts of his mother. Achilles is the one from the Greek stories who was dipped in the River Styx. His story however begins before him. Let me explain…

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The Heroes Of Smite~ King Arthur, Legendary King Of Camelot

King Arthur may not be a God or even have his own mythology, he is however a legend in his own right. King Arthur is a combination of English and Welsh folklore. Not only was Arthur king of Camelot, but he was also a knight of the famed Round Table.

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The Heroes Of Smite ~ Cu Chulainn, Celtic Champion Of Ulster

Cu Chulainn is a Celtic demigod that was born to the god Lugh of the Long-Arm, a part of the Tuatha de Danann, and a human princess named Deichtine.

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The Heroes Of Smite ~ Cerberus, Protector Of The Underworld

Cerberus, as you may remember from school, is the hound of Hades that protects the gates to the Underworld. His job is to ensure that whoever enters the Underworld, stays in the Underworld. Living or dead, it makes no difference

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The Gods of Smite ~ Chernobog, The Slavic Black God

Chernobog, usually spelled Czernobog, is a Slavic god whose name translates to Black God. You cannot tell Czernobog’s story without telling Belobog’s.

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The Heroes Of Smite ~ Merlin, Wizard Of The Round Table

A magician to some, a powerful wizard to others, and others still call Merlin, also known as Myrddin in Welsh, a prophet. Merlin was Arthur’s tutor, mentor, and confidant who lead Arthur to become the King of Camelot.

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