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Taboo – Episode 7

The penultimate episode in the first season of “Taboo” answered some questions, gave us more questions and laid out a plan for the season finale. We’ve known from the very beginning that James Keziah Delaney’s internal demons...

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Taboo – Episode 4

This show. This. Motherfluffing. Show. Just when I think “Taboo” can’t get any weirder, any crazier, any more out there, it goes and blows the doors off. We knew James Keziah Delaney held massive grudges, had major secrets and...

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Taboo – Episode 3

When last we saw one James Keziah Delaney, he was ripping out a dude’s jugular and getting shanked in the gut. And thus, the opening scenes of “Taboo” pick up where Delaney was left off . Being sewn up (sans anesthetic, natch)...

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Taboo – Episode 1

Born out of the mind of creator Stephen Knight, FX’s “Taboo follows the reappearance of prodigal son James Keziah Delaney (Tom Hardy) to 1814 London. Having been presumed dead for a decade, Delaney reappears at his father’s...

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“Taboo”: FX’s New Series

As TGON has noted time and again, we are in the ultimate peak TV continuum. The charge has been led not by the networks but by the “fringe”: basic cable, streaming and premium channels. Last season proved to be massive for...

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