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Superstore – Town Hall

As the store prepares to host a company-wide Town Hall meeting, Amy and Jonah are forced to put their conflicts aside and rally their co-workers to confront the CEO. Meanwhile Glenn struggles with the pressure of speaking to a global audience.

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Superstore – Aftermath

Amy and Jonah deal with the consequences of their recent interactions. Meanwhile Glenn and Dina enlist Garrett’s help to win the store a visit from Cloud 9’s CEO.

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Superstore – Gender Reveal

The store hosts a gender reveal party for Glenn and his wife, Jerusha, just as Dina is freaking out at the realities of having to deliver a baby; Amy receives some unsettling news.

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Superstore – Lottery

As lottery mania sweeps the store, Dina incentivizes the employees to sell as many tickets as possible. Meanwhile, Jonah helps Amy track down the new district manager to lobby for a raise.

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Superstore – Local Vendors Day

When local small businesses set up shop inside Cloud 9, Glenn tries to help his wife Jerusha sell her handmade needlepoint, despite Jonah’s concerns that he’s pressuring his employees. Meanwhile, Amy doesn’t feel Latina enough when a guy flirts with her in Spanish, and Garrett tries to uncover the truth behind a beer vendor’s product.

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Superstore – Target

When Jeff leaves Cloud 9 to work at Target, Garrett leads Glenn to believe that he’s poaching other employees to go with him. In return Glenn tries to poach employees from Target. Amy goes on a double date with Dina, and Kelly and Jonah discuss moving in together.

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Superstore – Amnesty

When Glenn and Dina offer amnesty to all the employees for any bad things they confess, Garrett and Cheyenne try to decide how to take advantage of it. Meanwhile, Jonah and Amy try to defuse an awkward situation that has the whole store gossiping.

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Superstore – Safety Training

When Mateo gets injured, Jonah tries to help him avoid Cloud 9 compensation for fear of his immigration status being revealed. Meanwhile, Amy attempts to convince everyone that she likes Kelly

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Superstore – Video Game Release

When gamers invade Cloud 9 for the release of a hot new video game, Jonah tries to help Amy secure herself a copy of the game, which takes them on an unexpected adventure.

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Superstore – Groundhog Day

Amy gets determined to show everyone that she’s a 10 (duh) & breaks some hearts in the process. Meanwhile, Dina is forced to relax and struggles with the concept.

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Superstore – Angels & Mermaids

Amy gets caught in the middle of a complex mother-daughter thing, Glenn & Dina adjust to their new relationship, & Jonah judges Kelly’s beliefs. 

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Superstore – High Volume Store

Being upgraded to a QuadA store isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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