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Supernatural The Final Season, Episode 1 – 8 Review

If you remember the end of Season 14, Jack was killed by God, aka Chuck, and Dean and Sam figured out that Chuck uses them for his amusement. After Chuck killed Jack, Sam shot him which pissed off Chuck. They are not happy but Chuck left them with souls from Hell that returned to Earth.

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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 3 The Secret Of The Solitary

We open to everybody dealing with their impending death, they have three days, differently. George wants Nick to find a rental place of his own. Ace is working and Nancy is tracking down the only aglaeca survivor they know of. Bess did some research and thinks if they give the bones back to the aglaeca, the whole death deal will be broken. Unfortunately, they are missing a piece of Lucy’s skull. Nancy has to go speak to her Dad.

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