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Young Sheldon 01×10 Review

The nine year old has a tendency to get bored and doesnt express himself in a respectful manner. The teachers are often left embarrassed, put off and are simply tired of being corrected by a kid

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The Big Bang Theory – S11E22 – “The Monetary Insufficiency” Review

This is an episode review of TBBT S11E22.

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Young Sheldon 01×09 Review

Sheldon identifies with Mr. Spock because the half-human half-vulcan man is ashamed of his human side.

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The Big Bang Theory – S11E21 – “The Comet Polarization” Review

This is an episode review of TBBT S11E21.

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Young Sheldon 01×08 Review

This episode welcomes us with George and Mary having, as Sheldon would call it, post-coital discourse

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Young Sheldon Season 1 Finale

I know that this is a huge deal…but does that one liner really make an entire episode?

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Young Sheldon 01×21 Review

I don’t usually include the side stories in my reviews (that would mean for a lot of information) but I decided to include this part because it was just so wonderful to see.

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Young Sheldon Review 01×20

As Sheldon narrates, he functions on predictability.  For example, Earth’s gravitational pull or his brother peeing in the shower. What aren’t predictable? Dogs

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