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Preacher 3 x 9 and 10 “Schwanzkopf” and “The Light Above” (Spoilers)

In which Jesse puts his demons to rest.

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Preacher 3 x 7 and 8 “Hitler” and “The Tom/Brady” (Spoilers)

In which Cassidy is such a vampire, Tulip gets a gal-pal, and Jesse’s power is compromised.

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Preacher 3 x 6 “Les Enfants du Sang” – (Spoilers)

In which we are reminded of Cassidy’s complicated past.

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Preacher 3 x 2 “Sonsabitches” – Recap and Review (Spoilers)

In which Tulip needs to learn about trust and timing.

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Bill Nye Saves the World – Season 3 on Netflix NOW!

Bill Nye gets his science on with a series of surprise guests and subjects relevant to today’s perils!

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Ash vs Evil Dead – Episode 6 Review “Tales from the Rift” (Spoilers!)

In which Ash and Brandy bond over the Delta and toasted treats, Ruby and Kelly have a fight that puts the sexy in serial killer, and the Ghost Beaters lose something special.

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