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DC Titans Episode 5 “Together:” Everything Fans Have Been Waiting For (Spoiler Review)

DC drops the heat and perfection in Titans episode 5 “Together.” Full spoiler review of director Meera Menon’s masterpiece.

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Pete’s Dragon Review

Some films fill you with emotion; making you cry and laugh, cheer and jeer, and leave you genuinely awestruck. Pete’s Dragon is no such film. …But it’s still pretty A re-creation of the 1977 original, Pete’s Dragon features...

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UnREAL Review of “Espionage”

“Espionage” After a couple of weeks’ of more misses than hits, “UnREAL”-that little show that could-found its footing with this episode. Drawing on gossip spun into fact, “Espionage” delves into the relationships of the show...

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