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Arrow: The Sin-Eater

Arrow had the worst ratings of the series this week, which in a way I can understand as I was struggling to find talking points while watching the episode. We touch base on what we learned that Justin Clayborne is Promethius. He...

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Arrow: Vigilante

Green Arrow and team encounter yet another threat in the city! No rest for the poor group of Team Arrow. When they think they might have a breather and that they know what evils are out in the city they find themselves with...

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Arrow Recap: So It Begins

Prometheus is ready to let team Arrow know that he is a serious threat and means business. After the burning warning, he starts killing innocent people with ninja stars. It is an alarming situation and with no pattern to track...

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Arrow: Human Target

Oliver’s biggest current mission is to find Rene AKA, Wild Dog who has been captured by Church. The team is trying to shake down the streets to find one of the dealers who knows Church’s location. After a few dead ends they get...

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