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Pete’s Dragon Review

Some films fill you with emotion; making you cry and laugh, cheer and jeer, and leave you genuinely awestruck. Pete’s Dragon is no such film. …But it’s still pretty A re-creation of the 1977 original, Pete’s Dragon features...

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1 Month Until Pete’s Dragon!

There is just 1 month left until the new live-action Pete’s Dragon film drops and Disney has released a new TV Spot! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see Pete and Elliot on the big screen! Check out the newest trailer...

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Pete’s Dragon Finally Revealed!

First we got a look at a teaser trailer for the upcoming remake of Disney’s Pete’s Dragon, but the dragon was nowhere to be seen. Later we got a look at the poster for the film, which hits theaters August 12th, but the dragon...

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New Pete’s Dragon Poster

Photo Source: Disney As we reported last week, Pete’s Dragon is 6 months away, and we have your first look at the poster for the new film adaptation! Be sure to check in with TGoN for all of your Pete’s Dragon news! Photo...

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6 Months Until Pete’s Dragon!

As a huge Disney nerd, I have been a Pete’s Dragon fan my whole life. (Many of you will remember the 1977 musical film featuring live-action and animation.) Now, nearly 40 years later, Disney is remaking the classic film, and...

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