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i can’t even: Peeta Bread

Here at The Game of Nerds, we’re loving the i can’t even webseries. The 7-episode series follows two roommates and their fandom adventures, and each bite-sized episode is full of fangirling and nerdy hijinks. This week, we’re...

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TGON Reviews: Mockingjay Pt 2

The book is always better than the movie. But when the movie is 90% book-accurate, it makes for a damn good film. Mockingjay: Part 2 picks up Katniss’ adventures right where we left off; Our team is in District 13, Peeta has...

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Catching Fire Movie Review

Nicole went to the midnight premier of The Catching Fire. So here are her thoughts on the newest installment of The Hunger Games franchise: I am not tagging this with SPOILER because it is a movie adaptation of a book. SOOOOO...

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