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Why You Need To Watch PBS’ TikTok, Boom Now

Our @tara_jabbari shares her biggest takeaway from #TikTokBoomPBS.

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Books For Your Feasting Pleasure: Downton Abbey Edition

Hi again! I am back with another installment. Now, I will admit my ignorance. I know Downton Abbey is a popular series, but I haven’t gotten around to watching it. I do know that it takes place in the early 1100s and has beautiful costumes. However, I saw these and knew I had to show them to you. Let me show you!

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Andie’s Magickal Picks For The Great American Read For Kids Ages 6-12

As a mother I want my kids I want my kids to read. It opens up the mind and works the imagination. It helps with spelling, vocabulary, understanding and critical thinking. As a writer I know the worlds that are open to them if they read. They are magickal and wondrous and informative. The book list I am sharing with you is book series that either my kids love or kids close to me love. I have included the links to the authors’ pages and an amazon link so you know where to get those books.

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Masterpiece on PBS – “Victoria” Season 2 Premieres Tonight!

Can motherhood change a queen? “Victoria” season 2 answers that question.

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