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The Dresden Files Season 1 Episode 4 “Rules Of Engagement”

We open to a woman walking to Harry’s place. She needs him to find a man. She doesn’t have much in the way of traditional information but she has a pork chop that he used. Good thing Harry is a wizard.

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The Dresden Files Season 1 Episode 2 “The Boone Identity”

Harry is trying to help a father, Charles Harding, get closure about his daughter that died. Mr. Harding is an antiques dealer. His daughter passed away a year ago. Since Harry can’t feel his daughter, Harry tries to figure out the circumstances surrounding the girls death. Then BAM! He experiences her death and he knows she’s there.

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The Dresden Files S1 E1 “Birds Of A Feather”

Harry Dresden is not only a book series. He even had a show made of him! I was so beyond stoked when this happened. I was devastated when it didn’t even last a whole season. I love the life they brought to these characters but was not thrilled with what they did to Murphy looks and story wise. On the other hand I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what they did with Bob! Terrence Mann brings Bob to life so well I could cry. Paul Blackthorne did equally good at bringing Harry to life.

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Arrow (8×03): Leap of Faith

Episode description: Reunited with his sister, Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Thea (guest star Willa Holland) find themselves searching through a familiar maze of catacombs. Meanwhile, John (David Ramsey) and Lyla (guest star Audrey...

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