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Weekly Comics Pull; 10-31

There are only a few characters in comic books that might deserve to be killed off multiple times, and this issue leaves the reader hanging as far as the final kill count for a very famous X-man. Extermination has been a really solid cross-over that’s not a cross-over. Appearances by members of the Blue, Gold and Red X-Men teams, as well as Old Man Logan, X-Force and plenty of others, not only keep the book interesting, but it reminds readers that just because a certain title is soggy doesn’t always apply to the characters themselves. The book, regardless of the conclusion, also promises to simplify things by sending the younger versions of the X-Men back to their home time zone.

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Weekly Comics Pull; 6-27

A school for gifted youngsters is a classic conceit in comic books, the most famous being Charles’ Xavier’s star-crossed institution of higher learning. Hogwart’s, a spin on the old classic escapist fantasy of a school where weird is normal, is another prime example, one which quickly seeped into the cultural lexicon. The school of wizardry is even referenced in Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century, a time capsule of notable literary touchstones. The solicitation for Evan Dorkin’s Blackwood initially looked like a variation on a theme, which it is, but it’s one that has more in common with H.P. Lovecraft than J.K. Rowling.

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Wolverine: Old Enough To Be Your Dad

Old Man Logan launched as an 8-issue storyline in 2009 taking place in a hellish alternate Earth. After the Death of Wolverine, Old Man Logan became a full-on X-man, having relocated to one of the less hellish Marvel timelines. Just shy of a total reboot, Wolverine’s clone, X-23, took up the reigns for the monthly Wolverine title, with the addition of her tween clone, Gabby, aka Honey Badger. Daken, Logan’s son, also shows up from time to time. As does Old Man Logan, which ends up creating a bizarre family unit. There’s even a pet; Jonathan, the talking Wolverine.

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Wolverine: The Long Night is an ice cold thriller

Wolverine: The Long Night starts with a chilling explanation of how there are 1000 ways to die in Alaska. Logan, the Wolverine, is quickly implied among these gruesome fates. There’s a new stranger in the small coastal town of Burns, Alaska, and people are going missing and questions are being asked. Two very unwanted Federal Agents (from an undisclosed agency) are on the scene, a situation reminiscent of the opening of Twin Peaks. The sound of water on the docks, semis, creaking chairs all paint a tense scene. The power of Jaws or Halloween is not when you see the monster, but knowing it’s there, lurking. That music starts, and your heart rate skyrockets

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