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The 100: Gimme Shelter

Octavia is fleeing to destination unknown. The person who destroyed the arc at Arcadia is following her. Octavia was unsure why he was doing that and didn’t want him to, when the acid rain started to come down and she told him...

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The Girls of The 100

I see people raving about The 100 and how raw and dystopian it is and while both of these points are true, don’t get it twisted when it comes to the real reason why the CW series is so brilliant and why we are all glued to our...

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The 100 Is Like A Video Game

The second part of the two part season finale starts in the throne room of the capital after the battle against A.L.I.E. soldiers. Clarke is trying to find a way to console and save her mom Abigail, she uses the only EMP they...

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