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TGON Plays: Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2

nickelodeon Kart Racers 2 is an exciting improvement upong its predecessor. Tune in to find out the major changes and why you should give this game a go.

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Every Day Is Halloween With These Shows

Sometimes, it’s not enough for a cartoon to have a single Halloween episode. Some like to keep the spirit of the holiday and horror alive year round, and these seven shows do just that.

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Anime And Western Culture Are Now One!

With the fusion of Star Wars and anime now upon us, we look back at various western cartoons inspired by the power of anime.

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The Rugrats Are Back For A New Generation of Adventuring

One of the first three Nicktoons to be created, Rugrats ended up being a ratings goldmine. A cartoon about babies who could turn everyday activities into epic adventures, it was so simple in premise, yet so amazing. It reminded us of what it was like to look at the world when we were little. When every day held the promise of something new and exciting. People loved it. So when the series revival was announced, a lot of people paid attention to it. But does it end up living up to the original?

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