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The Game Of Nerds Is Looking For New Writers – Here Is Why You Should Apply!

Here at The Game of Nerds, we feel there is no such thing as an unhealthy obsession with a fandom! You can tell the world about it.

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The Nerdy Struggle in 2020

Comic Convention 2018. © Photo: Ra Boe Conventions, comic cons, concerts, movies. Remember those? Remember when we could go and be among other people who also were there for those same exact thing we were there for? It...

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Nerd, Geek Or Something Better?

For many years I thought of myself as a grunge person who wanted to be goth but I could never afford the clothes. All through school nerds and geeks were shunned by a lot of the school people. I was never popular and they let me sit with them and I got to know some pretty cool people.

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