Midnight, Texas Is Now In The Rear View Mirror

I am so sorry Readers. My sources say that there are no more episodes of Midnight, Texas coming out.


Midnight, Texas: Will It Stay Or Will It Go?

If you are like me you are going through Midnight, Texas withdrawals. I want to know what happens with Bobo and Fiji. What the hell did Manny’s grandmother mean when she said they were in danger? How is Olivia going to cope with becoming a vampire? ACK! So many questions and not enough answers.

Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 8 Patience Is A Virtue For Vacation

I nearly lost my head over this one.Joe is distraught to say the least. Fiji is someone I don’t recognize anymore and Bobo is still fighting for her. Manny is desperate to stop Patience and make her pay. Kai is doing his best to he stop the evil he helped come to fruition though no one seems to blame him.