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Lightyear Frontier is the Future of Farming Sims

The second I saw this game, I knew I had to share it with others.

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Icarus Survival Game Review

Icarus is currently in early access, and we played the first round of missions nonstop for weeks.

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Journey to the Savage Planet Review

After downloading Journey to the Savage Planet, I was immediately met with contrasting visuals. Vibrant cartoony colors clashed against the physical images of humans. At first, it was unsettling; however, I found it charming once I got used to the experience.

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The Worlds of Combat and Farming Collide in “Re: Legend”

Re: Legend is the monster raising farming simulator we’ve been waiting for.

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Harvest Moon: Mad Dash is it just Bejeweled for Farmers?

Put down your shovels, it’s time for puzzles!

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It’s Okay For Capcom To Bring Back Resident Evil Outbreak

Why it’s fine for Capcom to finally bring back Resident Evil Outbreak

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Final Fantasy XV: Comrades — Review

Final Fantasy XV Comrades is really fun, when you’re not waiting for things to happen

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Final Fantasy XV: Multiplayer Beta Impressions

Final Fantasy XV’s multiplayer beta is a fun yet flawed experience

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