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Magic The Gathering Arena Part II

My son Jack, who selflessly gives me help with game articles, played a bit of Arena with me today. We played two games. One we drew out ridiculously just so I could get information for you and he could utterly destroy me. He didn’t. The game was a technical draw because he “broke” the server. I will explain. I promise.

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Magic The Gathering Color~ White, The Plains

White is the plains. You will often find creatures like birds, Pegasuses, angels, and the Leonin cats. Lifelink, healing, binding, and protection are all found in white. With white, you will find board clearing effects.

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Magic The Gathering Color~ Red, The Mountains

Aaaaand I’m back! This time we are going to be talking about red mana. This particular land is mountains. Mana, it’s also called land, is what powers our spells and comes in six colors. Well sorta. The colors are blue, black, red, green, white, and colorless.

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Magic The Gathering Color ~ Black, The Swamps

Today we are going to talk about black, the swamps. Mana comes in colors. There is red, blue, black, green, white, and colorless. If you remember, mana is used to power the spells for your deck. With mana you will put out creatures, instants, sorcery spells, enchantments, and artifacts.

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Magic The Gathering Colors ~ Blue, The Islands

For those of you who don’t know what Magic the Gathering is, you can catch up with this article, but to sum it up it is a trading card game that uses magic and monsters to take out your opponent. The colors are blue, black, red, green, white, and now they have a colorless.

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“Dungeon Drafters” Where Magic is in the Cards!

Dungeon Drafters takes place in a world in which magic is found in cards. This card building game follows the tale of a fiery-haired adventurer who wants to build a legendary deck!

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Welcome to Magic the Gathering

Welcome to Magic the Gathering! A place of spell casters and planeswalker battling for dominance. In this article we go over where to look when first getting into the game to find the best information.

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