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Mr. Iglesias Season 2 Episode 6 Where Art Thou Counselor

We open to Gabe talking about the final exam. The students get anxious about having to remember everything from the start of the year until now. Grace mentioned that there are students who have to study and rehearse for the play people will be attending. Marisol gets nervous at the prospect of others seeing the play. Gabe, being the awesome teacher he is offers to try to help students after class when after Grace, Walt points out he needs some driving advice. All but one student stays after class.

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Mr. Iglesias Season 2 Episode 4- Generation Why

We open to the students actually being a little happy about the play. Mikey is really trying hard to impress Marisol.

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Mr. Iglesias Season 2 Episode 3 “Party Of One”

We open to Tony and Gabe in the teacher’s lounge. Tony misses the days when he and Gabe were frequently bar and hitting on women. He thinks in two weeks when Gabe gets his one year that things will go back to the way they were before. Tony is still striking out with Abby. Paula is looking good this morning. She’s tired of being single.

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