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Peachleaf Pirates Brings Farmers to Paradise

The story begins with the player washing up on the shore of a pixelated paradise. After losing everything, including their memory, the player is left with only one option; make the best of this new situation.

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Moonlighter Dungeon Crawler Meets Adventure Capitalist

TGON is excited to share their experience with the hit indie original Moonlighter. Fight monsters, sell loot, and expand the town!

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Be a Shopkeeper by Day and Monster Hunter at Night in “Moonlighter”

Moonlighter follows the path of Will, a shopkeeper who’s always dreamed of becoming an adventurer. Duty called when his parents left him the shop; however, Will was able to kill two birds with one stone. By day he sells wares to the citizens of Rynoka, a small commercial village, but by night he slays creatures and obtains loot to trade in his shop.

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