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Is The Switch Headed For A Game Drought? Nintendo Says Otherwise

Still on a rise from the ashes of the Wii U’s failure, the gaming giant isn’t losing steam.

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Who is Nintendo’s Scariest Villain?

With ‘Spooky Season’ in full swing, it’s time to find out which Nintendo villain has Luigi shaking in his shoes.

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What Games Could Nintendo Release Before 2019?

The video game giant’s outgoing president assured investors that 2018’s lineup hasn’t been fully announced, leaving us wondering what surprises are in store for the holiday season.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct Delivers (Literally Everything)

A full-to-the-brim Nintendo Direct provides few surprises, but lays out how overstuffed this game really is.

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Our Predictions for Nintendo at E3 2018

Nintendo has outline its plans for the yearly event, but what surprises could it have up its sleeve?

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