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How Much Do You Know About Merry Gentry? 9 Pieces Of Trivia About Merry

If you want to know more about this series, check out this article. It tells you a little about Merry and her plight. It is very, ah spicy. With all the beautiful people, I would hope it is spicy. I love it. If you have read this series, let’s see if you know this stuff. If you are new to the series and don’t want it spoiled, turn back now. If you are new and don’t care, let’s go get those spoilers.

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Merry Gentry’s Kings And Babies

Merry has been through Hades at the hands of the Sidhe. It didn’t matter which court. Being offered the crown to the Unseelie throne meant a possible return home. Merry both dreaded it and wanted it.

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Royal Courts Of The Merry Gentry World By Laurell K. Hamilton

To read the Merry Gentry books is to marvel at both the beauty (both pretty beauty and grotesque beauty) and the violence of all the Courts. The Seelie and Unseelie Courts are the two main Courts though they are not separated as good (Seelie) and evil (Unseelie), humans tend to think of them that way because of appearances. The Seelie and Unseelie Courts are made up of the Sidhe (pronounced SHE) and are the “superior” or “royal” Fae in their own eyes. The rest of the Courts are made of the “other” fae and in the mind of the Sidhe, are below much of their notice. Merry is not like other Sidhe. She sees the value in all the Courts.

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Quarantine Edition: Adult Books & Series

In this time of quarantine we need all the escape for sanity we can get. Many of us have children at home all day. The demands of us are different right now than they usually are. For me, books offer a wonderful escape. I get to go to a different world and meet different people. I love the magickal world to be mixed with the mundane.

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A Shiver Of Light By Laurell K. Hamilton A Merry Gentry Novel Book 9

Merry has had a hell of a time. She ran from Fairie because everyone kept trying to kill her after her father died. Her aunt, the Queen of Air and Darkness and of the Unseelie Sidhe did nothing to protect her.

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Divine Misdemeanors By Laurell K. Hamilton Merry Gentry Series Book 8

Merry won. She is pregnant with twins (possibly triplets) before her cousin Cel. Faerie crowned her Queen not just Queen Andias.

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Swallowing Darkness By Laurell K. Hamilton Merry Gentry Series Book 7

As we see Merry’s heart break because though Frost is not dead, he rose as a stag and ran off. So Merry still effectively lost Frost. Plus she was just raped by her uncle, The Seelie King of Light and Illusion, King Taranis. The good news is she is pregnant before her cousin Cel.

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