New Blu-ray Tuesday 8/14/2018

Christmas came early! Happy Infinity War day! As you would expect from a release like this, you…


Weekly Comics Pull; 8-1

The best rock collection in the universe is inarguably the Infinity Stones. At least as far as Marvel is concerned. Gerry Duggan, responsible for one of this year’s breakout hits in Analog, gives us the opening shots of a massive Marvel Universe crossover event. While the last several Civil Wars and Secret Empires have scarcely left the surface of the Earth, this story promises readers a tale on a grander scale. For those paying attention, that big purple rock hound, Thanos, is already off the board, before the opening shots of the Infinity War have been fired. Duggan has a lot of epic material to work with, and he manages to pack a lot into the first issue.

Weekly Comics Pull; 7-25

While not as galactic in size as Star Wars or as epic as George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice, Jim Henson’s contribution to the world of fantasy was and remains a touchstone for countless children of all ages. Though distinctly different, Dark Crystal and Labyrinth are clearly related, at least in thematic threads. While Dark Crystal is the brooding goth sister of the family, Labyrinth was the more outgoing and silly of the two, complete with song and dance. While David Bowie’s Goblin King Jareth had his menacing moments, he’s still the same tyrannical despot wizard that gave us “Dance Magic”.  

Weekly Comics Pull; 7-18

Being terrified isn’t just for Halloween, and for those unwilling to wait for the sequel to Halloween or The Devil’s Rejects, writer Pornsak Pichetshote has got your number. Infidel is a brilliant exploration of trust, spirituality, family, racism and inner demons, all within its 5-issue arc. It’s a charged and poignant story, with tear-jerking moments and total gut-drops in equal amounts. The most successful horror stories are the ones that ignore the sacred cows of standard survivors and victims. Infidel is a story where almost no one gets out, and it’s a brutal ride to the end.