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Magic The Gathering Arena Part II

My son Jack, who selflessly gives me help with game articles, played a bit of Arena with me today. We played two games. One we drew out ridiculously just so I could get information for you and he could utterly destroy me. He didn’t. The game was a technical draw because he “broke” the server. I will explain. I promise.

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Magic The Gathering Color~ White, The Plains

White is the plains. You will often find creatures like birds, Pegasuses, angels, and the Leonin cats. Lifelink, healing, binding, and protection are all found in white. With white, you will find board clearing effects.

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Magic The Gathering Arena: Fun Or Headache

Magic the Gathering Trading Card Game came out in 1993 at the Origins Game Fair in Dallas Tx. It was an instant success. Since then the game has continued to evolve with story, sets and even into the digital age. My husband, started playing the game shortly as it became available nationwide. I didn’t start playing it until I was introduced to it in 2002. My husband was the one to introduce me to it.

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Enter Magic: Arena and See Wizard’s of the Coast’s Latest Attempt At Digital Magic The Gathering

Magic has taken on all challengers in the physical format. Now it enters the digital battle once more with Magic Arena, Wizards of the Coast’s latest attempt to compete with other digital card games.

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