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Stan Against Evil Episode Eight “Evie Against Stan”

Stan has let a little evil in. Will he be able to send it on back? Find out below!

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Stan Against Evil Episode Seven “Intensive Scare Unit”

Stan’s in the hospital again, and are we all just in a giant waiting room? Find out on this episode of Stan Against Evil!

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Stan Against Evil Episode Six Vampire Creek

Denise bites into a blood curdling adventure!

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Stan Against Evil Episode Five “Nubbin but Trouble”

Stan Against Evil’s “Nubbin but Trouble” leaves audiences with questions and a fear of Chevy Chase puns.

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Stan Against Evil SDCC 2018 Panel Recap – Pics Included!

The News from the Stan Against Evil Panel – SDCC 2018

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Portlandia: S08E10 “Rose Route” Review

This is the series finale of Portlandia, and if there was any theme put into this episode, it would probably be continuation.

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Portlandia: S08E09 “Long Way Back” Review

Not every episode begins with a musical number, but when it does, it’s usually a sign of magic.

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Portlandia: S08E08 “Peter Follows P!nk” Review

The theme of this episode seems to be the use of information. Whether you keep that information to yourself, or spread it to other… Yes, I might be reaching with this theme, but it’s the only one that made sense to me.

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Portlandia: S08E07 “Most Pro City” Review

The theme of the week seems to be about problems, and how we deal with them.

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Portlandia: S08E06 “You Do You” Review

I was never bored during this episode and was laughing through most of it. It’s such a clever episode, which plays to the strengths of the subtle absurdity that this show is known for.

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Portlandia: S08E04 “Open Relationship” Review

Over all, if there was a theme of this episode, I’d probably say it’s disappointment, because all of the sketches had to deal with disappointment in a humorous way.

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