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The Leftovers

Dueling neighbors is always something quite intense. These two dueling neighbors in Nora and Ericka have way more in common then Ericka thought. She finds out after a crazy doctor comes to town to ask a number of questions, that...

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Leftovers Bombshells

For an episode that one would think to have the craziest story line to work with seemed to be very normal. The townsfolk got together to try to locate the missing girls. The girls which we all believe to have vanished. The...

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The Leftovers Episode 3

We are getting a look at how some other characters are doing after the break. Laurie Garvey and her son Tom Garvey have ventured off on their own. Laurie is know longer apart of the smoking cult, for lack of a better term. They...

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The Leftovers is back Oct 10th!

The Leftovers are returning soon, and I’m not talking about Thanksgiving. I am not sure about everyone else but I enjoyed season 1. I didn’t read the book so I didn’t have any ideas going in, and thus I was able to enjoy it for...

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