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Nifty or Nostalgia? HM: Magical Melody Edition

So, today, we set aside our overalls and shovels and don lab coats and clipboards! To start this series off, we will be looking at Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

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Harvest Days: Brings A Unique Twist to Farming Sims

What happens when your farm gets a little too big? We have all been there, growing hundreds of crops without enough time to harvest them all in one day. Well, this game has introduced vehicles into the mix!

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A New Leaf: Memories Full of Farming and Quests

It is no secret that we enjoy an excellent farming sim on this corner of TGON. Something about the relaxing, repetitive nature allows me to get into the zone. However, a unique storyline and adorable graphics always help. This is where the Kickstarter goal smasher, A New Leaf: Memories, comes into play.

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Harvest Moon: One World Pros and Cons

The addition of new animals like the Blacknose Sheep and Araucana Chickens are also welcomed, they are adorable, and I would do anything for my new little buddies.

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Farmer Supreme! The Creepy Cute Farming Sim

There is a dolphin with legs that collects the stuff players sell. How awesome is that?

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SunnySide Bringing the Farming Sim to Life

There are so many exciting elements; it was hard to condense them in one place. The animals give me giant Harvest Moon: Wonderful Life vibes, and I am digging it.

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Roots of Pacha Bringing Farming to the Stoneage

Brothers Timo and Jhony would spend hours passing a controller back and forth playing Harvest Moon. They fantasized about one day creating their own game, which has now become a reality.

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“Harvest Moon” and “Story of Seasons” Updates as of May 2020

Update corner! Get the SoS: FoMT US release date and what we know about Harvest Moon: One World!

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