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The Gods Of Smite ~ Charon, The Greek Ferryman Of The Dead

Meet Charon, the Greek boatman of the dead.

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Siren Premiere Recap

Freeform has released a new show called Siren on March 29.  This is one of the strongest shows in terms of plot and the hype around it to be released on Freeform, previously ABC Family.  The show was interesting, and mermaids is...

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Sisyphus and The Prisoner

When it’s times are tough, it can seem like our lives are not much different than Sisyphus’s infinite task. Daily, we find ourselves pushing our own boulders up a hill with the hope that someday we might roll it over the other side. Unlike Sisyphus though, sometimes the temptation to give up on achieving our goals is so strong that we wonder, ‘Why do I even try? It’s never going to happen for me.’

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“Hercules In The Underworld” Movie: Kill Em’ With Kindness

Kindness has been shown to solve any dilemma, big to small. This movie analysis proves this point.

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