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Danu: Mother Of The Sidhe

With the Merry Gentry series by Laurell K. Hamilton I am reviewing I feel it is appropriate to tell you about Danu, the main Goddess of the series. When I say the main Goddess I am mean there are many lesser Goddesses among the Sidhe.

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Freya The Party Girl Of The Aesir

 Freya is a very busy Goddess. She governs beauty, love, sex, war, death and witchcraft. She is also known as Queen of the Valkyries. Because of her associations with beauty, love and sex she is thought of as a “party girl”.

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Kali Hindu Goddess Of Death And Destruction

Kali’s most famous feat was the slaughter of Raktabija, a demon. This demon was so powerful no other God or Goddess could destroy it.

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The Morrigan- Three Sisters Move As One

The Morrigan is what is known as a triple Goddess. She is actually three Goddesses acting as one. She is Anu the Maiden, Danu the Mother and Badb the Crone. She represents women in the three phases in their lives as well as life, death and rebirth.

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