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Preacher Is On AMC And Hulu

Preacher is an AMC show that you can find on Hulu. It is in it’s fourth season. It is a supernatural show with Vampires and is set in New Orleans.

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Preacher 3 x 9 and 10 “Schwanzkopf” and “The Light Above” (Spoilers)

In which Jesse puts his demons to rest.

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Preacher 3 x 7 and 8 “Hitler” and “The Tom/Brady” (Spoilers)

In which Cassidy is such a vampire, Tulip gets a gal-pal, and Jesse’s power is compromised.

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Preacher 3 x 6 “Les Enfants du Sang” – (Spoilers)

In which we are reminded of Cassidy’s complicated past.

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Preacher 3 x 5 “The Coffin Review” – Recap (Spoilers)

In which we get a look at what’s in the box . . .

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Preacher 3 x 4 “The Tombs” – Recap (Spoilers)

In which Jesse gets back down to the family business in the Tombs.

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Preacher 3 x 3 “Gonna Hurt” – Recap (Spoilers)

In which Tulip threatens God and Jesse demonstrates all the reasons you can’t go home again.

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The Silver Surfer: Hope on a Surfboard

As I’ve always said, “Good artists borrow; great artists steal,” and Marvel’s been doing this for years—sometimes not even bothering to change the name—yes Thor, I’m looking at you. But sometimes they’re creations end up resembling mythologies, religious symbols, or old campfire stories by happenstance simply because that’s where the story needs to go. It needed to be a story about hope.

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