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Weekly Comics Pull; 10-3

The story is a timely one, and while Magneto’s own story is culled from the pages of history, this particular tale is ripped from the front pages. It has a predictable arc and the moral of the story is one of acceptance, tolerance, and equality. The fact that this is the predominant quality in the X-Men canon doesn’t detract from the exploration of Magneto Claremont offers. Rather than a devious villain scheming to further an agenda, Magneto is portrayed as a simple but haunted man, pushed to great extremes by a dangerous and hateful world. Of special note is that Magneto goes in for non-lethal measures to secure his goals, while his human adversaries fantasize about much worse fates for mutant kind. This warmer treatment of the usually steely Magneto is surprising and touching, and well worth the read.

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Weekly Comics Pull; 9-19

The most interesting thing going on with DC right now is arguably happening with its sub-labels; Vertigo (Dreaming et. al), Jinxworld (Pearl) and now the adult-oriented Black Label.  Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo team up again, giving us a Batman not too far from the universe they explored with Joker. This time around, it’s the rug being pulled from underneath Gotham’s Knight, with the Joker off the board. With both Deadman and Constantine featuring heavily in this garden of unreliable narration, it’s only fair that some of Bruce Wayne’s idyllic childhood gets rendered a little unrecognizable with some help from demonic friends. Black Label is as advertised; raw, dark and exceedingly gritty. For the skeptical, there’s just a bit Bat-tastic full-frontal service.

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Weekly Comics Pull; 8-1

The best rock collection in the universe is inarguably the Infinity Stones. At least as far as Marvel is concerned. Gerry Duggan, responsible for one of this year’s breakout hits in Analog, gives us the opening shots of a massive Marvel Universe crossover event. While the last several Civil Wars and Secret Empires have scarcely left the surface of the Earth, this story promises readers a tale on a grander scale. For those paying attention, that big purple rock hound, Thanos, is already off the board, before the opening shots of the Infinity War have been fired. Duggan has a lot of epic material to work with, and he manages to pack a lot into the first issue.

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