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7 Furry Art Picks Killer Art Edition (3rd Week March 2021)

We’ve got artwork assassins, daring mothers, werehogs, and more on this week’s list of furry fandom art!

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7 Furry Art Picks: Jingle Edition (4th Week December 2020)

We’ve got cunning poker lads and street lads, spooky puppies, arcane books and of course, enchanting Christmas magic on this week’s list!

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7 Furry Art Picks: Cosmic Critters Edition (5th Week September 2020)

We’ve got magical deer, cute cuddly space creatures, big parties, a sharp wolfess and even a god (or two) on this week’s list!

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Califur 2018 Has Venue Problems – Is There An Issue with Fandom Harassment Lurking in the Shadows?

Califur is a small-time SoCal furry convention that many attend – and now they might not due to harassment caused by other furries.

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