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Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 2 The Monster Of The Patriarchy

We open to Kai healing a man. Kai seems to be the real deal in miracle healing. The man is next in his hotel room and is pushed into the tub and held underwater by a force we cannot see. Manny live across the street from the hotel and saw what was happening. He ran into the hotel to save the man but was unfortunately too late.

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Once Upon A Time — “The Guardian”

Rumple goes on a frantic path looking for the missing Dark One dagger.

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Once Upon A Time — “The Girl In The Tower”

Can Hook find Alice an alibi and what will Lucy and Regina discover about Dr. Facilier? Read on to find out!

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Once Upon A Time — Secret Garden

Once Upon A Time returns from it’s winter break with the first of the final episodes of the series, Secret Garden.

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Once Upon A Time — “Beauty”

A Rumple centric episode that fills in another missing piece of the time jump between seasons 6 and 7.

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