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Marvel’s Unluckiest Irish Superhero Needs A Fresh Start

In the summer of 1982, Marvel released a three-issue limited event series called “The Contest of Champions.” Universe-spanning Marvel Comics events are pretty common these days, but this event was the one that started it all.

One of the new characters that came from the series was female Irish superhero Shamrock. These days, she’s found on various “Where Are They Now?” lists, with pretty unfavorable criticisms of her character. And when I dug into the source material to find out what happened with this character, I found a much stronger and conflicted hero than I thought I would find.

With Marvel launching it’s Fresh Start this year and revamping its classic heroes. I’d like to throw Shamrock’s name in the ring for a new beginning.

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Comic News!

It’s been a hectic week, so why don’t you catch up on some comic news?

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Marvel Comics to Relaunch Entire Line…Again

Marvel Comics to Relaunch Entire Line of Comics…Again

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