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Lightyear Frontier is the Future of Farming Sims

The second I saw this game, I knew I had to share it with others.

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Core Keeper Brings Exploration and Farming Underground

As a self-proclaimed virtual farmer, I immediately assumed farming would be my favorite aspect of this game. However, I have found myself absolutely obsessed with all elements of this title.

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Nifty or Nostalgia? HM: Magical Melody Edition

So, today, we set aside our overalls and shovels and don lab coats and clipboards! To start this series off, we will be looking at Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

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Research Story: The Science Side of Farming

I would do literally anything for these sprout kittens, and I am not ashamed to admit it!

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Gamers Eagerly Await Rune Factory 5 Release

The Rune Factory series is full of fantasy RPG titles, and the fifth installment is no different. The protagonist loses their memory and find themselves in a small town.

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Farming and Community Collide in Pixelshire

o raise cute animals. Pixelshire feels like a new take on a classic genre. I would not be inheriting a farm from my grandpa; I would be building up my community. My friends can help out on the farm? That sounds amazing and more realistic than most storylines in the genre.

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A Garden Witch’s Life Where Magic Meets Farming

This title is all about cultivating crops, friendships, and positive well-being. It honestly comes across as one of the most wholesome games I have ever seen.

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Kynseed Puts The Family In Farming

I think the idea of having one’s child take the reigns after a PC death is a spectacular addition to this game. It is all about family legacies, and that is beautiful.

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