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Royal Courts Of The Merry Gentry World By Laurell K. Hamilton

To read the Merry Gentry books is to marvel at both the beauty (both pretty beauty and grotesque beauty) and the violence of all the Courts. The Seelie and Unseelie Courts are the two main Courts though they are not separated as good (Seelie) and evil (Unseelie), humans tend to think of them that way because of appearances. The Seelie and Unseelie Courts are made up of the Sidhe (pronounced SHE) and are the “superior” or “royal” Fae in their own eyes. The rest of the Courts are made of the “other” fae and in the mind of the Sidhe, are below much of their notice. Merry is not like other Sidhe. She sees the value in all the Courts.

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A Shiver Of Light By Laurell K. Hamilton A Merry Gentry Novel Book 9

Merry has had a hell of a time. She ran from Fairie because everyone kept trying to kill her after her father died. Her aunt, the Queen of Air and Darkness and of the Unseelie Sidhe did nothing to protect her.

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Seduced By Moonlight By Laurell K. Hamilton Merry Gentry Series Book 3

Up to now, Merry realized that Power is moving again in Faerie and that she gets to experience and witness it. She never thought that she would be chosen by the Goddess Danu mother of the Sidhe.

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I Introduce Her Royal Highness, Meredith NicEssus

Born Meredith NicEssus, she is the first faery princess born on American soil. She is the daughter of Essus, hence her surname NicEssus, who is her father and Prince of the Unseelie Court of Air and Darkness. Her mother is Princess Besaba of the Seelie Court of Light and Illusion.

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