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5 Guilty Pleasure B Movie Horror Flicks For You To Enjoy

I don’t know if it is my Dad’s influence or I just like cheesy movies, but I love B horror films. I am going to share with you my five top ones. Let’s check them out.

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Dark Cult Classic Movies You Should Watch

You know that movie you love and everyone else hates because it’s too cheesy, or it has a horrible plot line, etc. and you know it but you don’t care. There’s a good chance it’s a cult classic. I think cult classics are the best kind of movies. They make for fun, good natured arguments and they bring people together.

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Top 10 Movies At My House Watched At Halloween

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s October which means it’s almost Halloween! Halloween is my very favorite holiday and is a very spiritual day for me too. In the nights leading up to Halloween I love watching scary movies. Lets get real. I love watching scary movies anytime.

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Ash vs Evil Dead – Episode 10 Recap & Review of the Series finale “The Mettle of Man” (Spoilers!)

All things must end, no matter how much we wish they wouldn’t. Goodbye Ash Williams, you badass with a boomstick.

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Ash vs Evil Dead – Episode 9 Recap & Review “Judgement Day” (Spoilers!)

In which EVERYTHING HAPPENS! Ash shares a part of the Williams legacy with Brandy and the Dark Ones get serious about the book!

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Ash vs Evil Dead – Episode 8 Recap & Review “Rifting Apart” (Spoilers!)

In which the dead try to stay alive and the live can’t wait to get dead!

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Ash vs Evil Dead – Episode 7 Recap & Review “Twist and Shout” (Spoilers!)

In which Ash is occasionally dad-like and the Deadites kick us in the feels again.

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Ash vs Evil Dead – Episode 6 Review “Tales from the Rift” (Spoilers!)

In which Ash and Brandy bond over the Delta and toasted treats, Ruby and Kelly have a fight that puts the sexy in serial killer, and the Ghost Beaters lose something special.

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Ash vs Evil Dead – Episode 5 Review “Baby Proof” (Spoilers!)

Watch Ashy Slashy and his Evil Dead crew get bloody. Also, there’s family bonding.

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