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Red Nose Day Event with Critical Role and Colbert

If you would like to donate to support Red Nose Day, head over to the Critical Role Foundation or Red Nose Day websites.

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Dimension 20: Shriek Week Review

I adored this side quest; however, I am sure that does not come as a surprise. Hicks is a wonderful DM with many wild ideas. This is a world I would love to jump into their world again.

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The Legend of Vox Machina Brings D&D to Amazon

Hearing Scanlan sing full-length songs were the absolute highlight of my weekend.

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Critical Role’s Campaign 3 Has Begun!

As I sat on my bed, donning my Hello Bees shirt, I was full of anticipation. Seeing the set Ray envisioned, I was in awe. The crew seemed to be buzzing with excitement which added to my own

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The Impact Of Dungeons & Dragons Panel At SDCC

Deborah mentioned that when an audition goes awry, she can remind herself that she rolled a two that day while she may have a +6 to charisma.

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