Housemarque Made Me a Better Man…and Gamer: A Bid Farewell

Obviously a prime independent developer such as Housemarque isn’t dead, but they have cried off arcade games as we know it forever with their recent press release straight from the CEO titled “Arcade is Dead”. Holy cow, what a blow to the heart! On one hand I am truly saddened by this news, however, on the other I think they pushed the genre as far as it could without muddling it with elements from other genres. Good on them for knowing when to move on. Housemarque holds a huge place in my heart for teaching me the beauty that is arcade. I know they will find their own way into something else that can be more profitable while still keeping their integrity. Below, I’ve shared my story on what this special video game developer has done for my life in the hopes that you can either relate or be encouraged to make some of these experiences a part of your life.

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