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Amphibia All Time Greatest Hits

What started as a slice-of-life isekai turned into an animated epic from Disney Channel. Just in time for the series finale, we look back on the best moments of Amphibia.

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Amphibia Is Becoming A Modern Classic

Having followed it from the start, I would go so far as call Amphibia modern-day animation classic. I would even go so far as to put it on or close to the same level as shows such as Steven Universe, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Gravity Falls in terms of how good it is. Here’s why.

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The Beautiful Magic of Lumity

It goes without saying, but LGBTQ+ prevalence in cartoons has come a long way in the last decade or so. However, the House of Mouse has been slower to accept this change. All of that changed, though, when along came The Owl House and the ship known as Lumity. Today, in honor of Lumity, we’re going to take a look at their relationship and just why it’s so sweet.

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The Fans Will Not Keep Quiet About Amphibia

Over the last few weeks, fans of the popular Disney Cartoon, Amphibia, have been in an uproar over Disney’s last-minute decision to postpone the season finale. With the announcement of the new premiere date, it’s time to bring this issue back to the forefront.

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Nick vs. Disney: TV of the 2000’s

My TV consumption between the years of 2003 to 2011 was very high and consisted of two channels: Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. When I was a kid, I would flip back and forth between the two during commercial breaks to see if I...

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